We help build sustainable cities and combat climate change for our future generations, with low carbon construction materials and value added products derived from industrial waste streams.

Reducing Carbon Emissions in Concrete

Climate change is a rapidly escalating emergency, with the building and construction industry responsible for 39%(1) of all carbon emissions in the world.

While operational emissions accounting for 28% are being addressed through energy efficiency and renewal energy, the remaining 11% comes from upfront or embodied carbon emissions associated with construction materials and processes. As new construction is expected to double the world’s building stock by 2060, addressing upfront or embodied carbon emissions is critical in combating climate change and limiting global temperature rise to 1.5oC as per the Paris climate accord.

Much of the embodied carbon emissions come from concrete, the most widely consumed man-made material in existence (second only to water). Cement, the major constituent of concrete, has a massive carbon footprint - one ton of cement represents about one ton of CO2 emissions. Cement accounts for about 8% (2) of the world’s CO2 emissions, which is more than all the trucks in the world put together. If cement were a country, it would be the third largest emitter of CO2 emissions behind USA and China! In parallel, cement also depletes natural resources from our planet - such as limestone, clay and other materials.

Coal combustion products and steel slag are low carbon construction materials derived from industrial waste streams - coal-fired thermal power plants and blast furnace steel plants respectively - which can reduce pure cement usage, hence reducing embodied carbon emissions and enabling sustainable construction. Specifically, India being a coal-power driven economy, produces 200M+ metric tons of fly ash every year. Unutilised ash is dumped into ponds, resulting in economic (non-productive land use), environmental (air pollution, heavy metal leaching, impact on agriculture and contamination of water table) and social (lung and respiratory diseases, cancer and neurological disorders) implications. For example, fly ash contributed to about 37% PM10 and about 26% PM2.5 pollution (3) in Delhi – the capital of India. However, the right quality fly ash and value added products can be productively utilised in construction, with an array of technical advantages in addition to economic, environmental and social benefits.

With the ‘sustainability revolution’ under way, there is an imperative need to promote and supply low carbon construction materials and value added products worldwide, sourced from major producers such as India. Usage of coal combustion products and steel slag also conserves natural resources and enhances resource efficiency, helping us move towards a circular economy.

[1] Building and Construction activities together account for 39% of energy-related carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions when upstream power generation is included. Source- Global Status Report 2017, United National Environment Program.

[2] Report from Chatham House, UK – an international affairs think tank

[3] IIT Kanpur Study, 2016


More than three decades of business with a solid foundation of purpose, knowledge, courage and integrity.

JAYCEE was established in 1986 by Mr. Jailesh C Dalal (named after the initials of his first and middle name) as one of the first few distributors of Ambuja Cement (now part of LafargeHolcim), when they commissioned their first manufacturing plant in Gujarat, India.

In the first two decades, JAYCEE grew to become the leading distributor of cement in Western India, representing multiple cement producers in the institutional sales segment - specifically to real estate and infrastructure projects as well as ready mix concrete producers.

However, with the advent of low carbon construction materials derived from industrial waste streams, specifically coal combustion products (fly ash) and steel slag, JAYCEE discovered its true north. Understanding the technical, economic and environmental benefits of supplementary cementitious materials which partially replace cement in concrete, JAYCEE started working with coal-fired thermal power plants to become a marketer of fly ash, advocating resource efficiency and sustainability to the construction industry. Subsequently, JAYCEE also started marketing steel slag (granulated and ground granulated blast furnace slag).

Over the past years, JAYCEE has grown to become the market leader in processing, marketing and exports of high quality coal combustion products from India, serving 30+ countries across 5 continents, covering South and Southeast Asia, Oceania, Middle East, Africa, Europe and North America. We have long-term partnerships with coal-fired thermal power plants, and have invested in world-class processing, packing and supply chain infrastructure with industry-leading capacities. We are also working on value- added products driven by innovation and technology.

JAYCEE is headquartered in Mumbai, with strategically located operations across the West Coast and East Coast of India. Our customer-centric approach, ‘SourceRight Network’, ‘ShipRight Supply Chain’ and ‘UseRight Technical Consulting’ provides high quality, bespoke solutions for all your needs.

History & Milestones

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Build the Right Way.TM

Coal Combustion Products CEMGUARD®

  • Fly Ash
  • Conditioned Ash
  • Furnace Bottom Ash
  • Ultrafine Fly Ash

Blast Furnace Slag

  • Granulated Blast Furnace Slag (GBFS)
  • Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag (GGBFS)


  • Ordinary Portland Cement
  • Portland Pozzolana Cement
  • Portland Slag Cement
  • White Cement
  • Sulphate Resisting Cement
  • Oil Well Cement


year of establishment

1.2 million

metric tons per annum
fly ash processing capacity


metric tons of CO2
emissions saved every year


countries served across
5+ continents

JAYCEE is headquartered in Mumbai, with strategically located operations across the West Coast and East Coast of India.

CGPL/Tata (Mundra)

Adani (Mundra)

AMNS / Essar Steel (Hazira)

Adani (Dahanu)

Mumbai (Head Office)

JSW Steel (Dolvi)

JSW Energy (Jaigad)

Sembcorp (Nellore)

APGenco (Nellore)

Tangedco (Tuticorin)


Our promise is doing business with a purpose. We put principles before profits, and always choose the right over convenient.

We don’t compromise on ethics and integrity, and consider reputation as our most valuable asset. We believe in the goodness of business, and offer solutions that meet the needs of our customers while creating a better world for our future generations.
We help you Build the Right Way.TM

To Our Customers

Customer-centric approach

We understand customer needs deeply, and offer bespoke solutions backed by strong capabilities and more than three decades of business experience. Our goal is to keep our customers for life.

SourceRight Network - We have multiple long-term sources serving different market and customer needs. Hence, we always offer the right source and product that perfectly meets your technical (quality), volume and shipping requirements, with supply security.

ShipRight Supply Chain - From our multiple shipping options such as containers, break bulk and bulk (road and sea), with packing options being bulk bags, container liners and small bags, we offer the right one for your needs. We also provide last mile delivery in India and select markets globally.

UseRight Technical Consulting - We offer specialist domain knowledge and technical expertise to help you use our products the right way, leading to superior performance, lower cost and higher environmental impact.

Integrity and ownership

We do what we commit, and we only commit what we can do effectively. Humility is our core value. We take complete ownership and accountability of our product, and always find solutions to any problem you may have. We’ve got your back!

Process-driven agility

We are nimble yet process driven with the right structure and systems. Our lean organization design makes us super-responsive, with fast decision-making, efficient execution and a high level of competitiveness. We pride ourselves on our world-class service standards, supported by new-age digital collaboration tools.


Transparency is the key to building trust. We are open, honest and straight-forward. Our proactive communication keeps you up-to-date with accurate information, and ensures there are no surprises. When something goes wrong, we don’t hide it - we have the courage to talk about issues and sort them out.

To Our Producers

Proven track record

We have more than three decades of business experience, with a strong track record of performance and a solid reputation of reliability. With multiple successful producer partnerships and operations in India along with strong supply chain capabilities, you can trust us to deliver results with tangible economic, environmental and social impact.

Knowledge and expertise

We bring specialist domain knowledge and technical expertise, covering process design, technologies, supply chain optimization, value added products and the latest industry innovations.

Market diversity and reach

We have a strong presence in multiple markets worldwide, with global strategic partners, international distributors and a broad spectrum of customers. Our brand is trusted, specified and used by the most reputed consultants, builders, contractors, institutions and consumers.

Focus and passion

Simplicity is profound, hence our business has a narrow and deep focus without any distractions. It is what makes us the best in business. We are passionate about what we do, and know that working in teams with an all-in commitment can deliver spectacular results

Long-term play

We are marathon-runners, not sprinters. We have stood the test of time because of our focus on long-term partnerships - be it with producers, strategic partners or customers. Long-term play enables us invest the necessary time, resources and capital to fructify the partnership while creating value and impact.

To Our Future Generations

We believe in the goodness of business. We measure our achievements not just by the success of our customers, but also the well-being
of our planet and communities. As a promise to our future generations, we are actively contributing towards the following
Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

Sustainable cities & communities

We reduce embodied carbon emissions in the building and construction industry, lower pollution (air, land, water) and enable sustainable construction, thereby reducing the adverse per capita environmental impact of cities. Usage of low carbon construction materials also increases longevity of structures, significantly conserving resources over its life cycle.

Climate action

We help accelerate decarbonisation of our global economy, by reducing embodied carbon emissions in the building and construction industry. Advocacy and sales of low carbon construction materials worldwide enhances our capacity for climate change mitigation, adaptation and impact reduction. This in turn will diminish the frequency and severity of extreme events such as flooding, heat waves, storms, etc.

Responsible consumption and production

We enable environmentally sound management of industrial waste streams, and significantly curtail their release to air, water and soil - minimizing their adverse impact on human health and the environment. By substituting conventional materials and increasing longevity of structures, we help conserve natural resources and reduce irreversible environmental degradation. Reducing, recycling and reusing industrial waste enables greater resource efficiency and helps us transition towards a circular economy.

Industry innovation and infrastructure

We help promote inclusive and sustainable industrialisation, with increased resource-use efficiency and greater adoption of clean and environmentally sound technologies and industrial processes. Through innovation-driven research and development, we upgrade the industry, boost the economy, make supply chains more efficient and build capacity for a higher skilled and more educated workforce. By advocating and supplying low carbon construction materials, and providing technical support, we facilitate sustainable and resilient infrastructure development in developing nations such as Africa and small island states.

Decent work and economic growth

Jobs are the cornerstone of economic and social development. We create multiple direct and indirect jobs at all our operations, thus contributing towards reducing unemployment in our economy. We provide safe, comfortable and secure working conditions, while protecting human rights/ labour rights and promoting inclusiveness and equality across our organization. Our keen focus on health, safety and well-being ensures zero harm to people, while our training programs support capacity building and high levels of productivity.


We recognize that the strength and vitality of a business is a function of its leadership. And leaders cannot be successful without a competent team.

Our leaders bring exemplary knowledge and experience backed by strong character, courage and integrity which is rare to this industry, while our functional heads have 150+ years of aggregate professional experience.

Further, we have a board of advisors who act as our mentors, and guide overall strategy. This puts us in a unique position to satisfy customer needs and create outstanding value for all stakeholders.


Jailesh Dalal

Managing Director

  • Bachelors in Commerce
  • 30+ Years of Leadership Experience
  • First Generation Entrepreneur

Rishit Dalal


  • BE (Hons) BITS Pilani, London Business School (UK), MIT Sloan (USA)
  • 10+ Years of Experience
  • Director in Asian Coal Ash Association
  • Ex Management Consultant with KPMG


Dr Nigel Cooke


  • PhD (Cementitious), INSEAD
  • 30+ Years of Experience
  • Ex Lafarge BMI, Blue Circle, ScotAsh

Robin De Beer

Technical Expert

  • Concrete Technologist
  • 40+ Years of Experience
  • Ex Ash Resources, RAK Cement

Functional Heads

Santosh Vichare

Business Development

  • Bachelors in Commerce
  • 25+ Years of Experience
  • Trading Background

PK Mishra

Technical & Projects

  • BTech & Diploma in Mechanical Engg
  • 40+ Years of Experience
  • Ex Sanghi, Dangote, National & Amrit Cement

Vinod Rathod

Commercial & Finance

  • Bachelors in Commerce
  • 20+ Years of Experience
  • Finance and Operations Background

S Venugopal

Trade Operations

  • Bachelors in General Law, Masters in Art
  • 20+ Years of Experience
  • Freight Forwarding Background


For us, success means building an industry leading, champion business with exemplary corporate governance.

Corporate governance puts the focus on business strategy and risks, while also being the lighthouse for our reputation. The leadership is responsible for:

  • Driving the purpose of the business
  • Crafting and protecting the core ideology
  • Creating the business strategy and goals
  • Oversight and training of functional heads for execution of business strategy and goals
  • Maintaining a culture of humility which is open to ideas, recognizes competitive threats and avoids undisciplined over-reach
  • Having prudent financial planning and zero/minimal debt at all times
  • Ensuring 100% adherence to all statutory, financial and tax compliances

Control Instruments For Corporate Governance

Financial Budgeting
Management Information Systems
Financial Reporting
Internal Audit
Statutory & Tax Audit
Compliance Monitoring

The company has hired reputed, independent auditors for conducting internal and statutory audits, and also an independent company secretary for compliance monitoring. Our internal policies and procedures also ensure that our leadership and team adheres to high standards of ethics and integrity, with a formal ‘Jaycee Code of Conduct’ (Sustainability section on website).

Governance Control: All concerns related to governance can be sent to the leadership via e-mail or post, and they shall be addressed appropriately.


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