Culture & People

Business sustainability is determined by culture, before it is driven by strategy.

Success for us means building an industry leading business with deeply embedded beliefs, values and behaviours.

Our business is customer and culture centric. We consider culture as the way things are done, and our people are the tools to do it. We start culture building with a set of beliefs and values, which then creates the right behaviours.

Our B-E-S-T Values

Values define the character of our organization and our people, while culture is its current personality. Our B-E-S-T values define how we treat each other and how we work with our customers, partners and vendors.

Be Customer Centric

  • Anticipate and understand customer needs deeply, take solution-based approach (instead of product-based), propose creative and optimum solutions, and educate about the value delivered. Be partners, not suppliers/ vendors
  • Be easily accessible with proactive, responsive and reliable customer service and no surprises
  • Deliver a seamless and memorable customer experience across the trade cycle, through digital tools
  • Collect customer feedback and continuously improve on the pain points
  • Build and maintain trust – it is sacred. Develop loyalty and long- term relationships. Always be humble, especially in the season of prosperity

Ethics & Integrity First

  • Be direct, truthful and transparent with sincerity and authenticity - people do business with whom they like and trust
  • Put principles over profits, always. Have the courage and commitment to do the right thing with no compromises, even if this is challenging
  • Take complete ownership of what we say and do. Never over-promise, and always do what we commit
  • Maintain honesty, integrity and plain dealing with each other and everyone we work with, be clear in all communication
  • Respect everyone, honour diversity and different points of view. Treat every colleague, customer, partner and vendor with fairness and dignity - do to others what you would like them to do to you

Stay Efficient

  • Work with high levels of productivity and cost efficiency with prompt action on any task
  • Be nimble and agile, with fast decision making and no bureaucracy, complacency or procrastination. Keep organisation structure and processes lean and simple
  • Maintain a high level of responsiveness internally and externally, and with a high degree of adaptability
  • Focus on teamwork and collaborate for success. Commit to professional development to deliver better results
  • Disdain debt in the business, and maintain stringent cost-controls with zero-based budgeting

Think Like The Owner

  • Take complete ownership and accountability of objectives and outcomes
  • Confront the brutal facts quickly with no excuses or half-truths, and communicate the same promptly to all stakeholders involved
  • Have a problem-solving approach and tackle problems with creative solutions
  • Adopt a pioneering mind-set, focus on excellence and be the best in everything we do. Do ordinary things in extraordinary ways
  • Have curiosity and a passion for learning to create lasting value and achieve high performance. Aim to do better every day

Our People

Our people are loyal, curious, creative, motivated and hardworking. We foster a culture where every voice is heard, every idea is encouraged and everyone is supported.

Our business has sustained since 1986 only because of our strong team, which has stood the test of time.

Champion teams drive champion businesses, and well-designed talent management systems along with a great culture drive champion teams:

  • Our leadership sets the standards and models the culture - top-down approach
  • Our talent management system selects, trains and equips people, and sets goals. We follow the OKR system (Objectives & Key Results) for goal-setting and measuring performance
  • We empower people and trust them to deliver results
  • Excellence and achievement is rewarded on merit
  • Wrong decisions are quickly acknowledged and corrections made
  • Continuous learning and professional development builds capabilities and hones skills

Continuous Learning and Professional Development

We recognise the importance of continuous learning and professional development in a fast-changing world. It is critical to staying up-to-date and relevant, broadening our perspectives, sparking creativity and being curious. Through various initiatives and programs, we actively invest in our people to equip them with the skills, resources and capabilities necessary for excellence at work.

  • ‘Weekly Learning Series’ - a program in which one team member shares their knowledge, expertise and skills with the entire team, every week
  • Online training programs/ MOOCS across all departments and levels
  • Special training programs conducted by experts or institutions
  • Industry conferences and technical seminars
  • Active mentorship for maximizing talent potential

Inclusion & Diversity

We are committed to an inclusive environment in which all people are respected. We want our people to feel that they are heard and their diversity is welcomed. We treat each other fairly and with dignity regardless of race, gender, nationality, ethnic origin, religion, age, sexualorientation or anything else that makes us different. We have a balanced people policy in all aspects, and respect human rights. We comply with all national laws and are committed to upholding human rights.

Health, Safety & Well-Being

Health, safety and well-being of our people, contractors and communities is our top priority, always.

It is part of who we are, and the way we work, every day. Our goal is zero harm – because your family is waiting for you.

We work to keep our people, contractors and communities safe and healthy by managing risks, promoting a safety-first culture and focusing increasingly on health and well-being. We have defined a health, safety and well-being policy as well as rules in our organisation, and conduct regular trainings and workshops to ensure full adherence to the same. We also work with global industry leaders to benchmark and improve our safety standards.

We record and closely monitor injuries, incidents/ near-miss, occupational illnesses and fatalities. We believe that all incidents and work-related health risks are preventable, so we focus on identifying, understanding, managing and, where possible, eliminating these. We believe in complete accountability for health and safety at a personal and departmental level, as well as across the organisation. We have a track record of putting safety first, and having ZERO fatalities or serious injuries since our inception in 1986.

We also partner with local health organisations and hospitals to help our employees, contractors and communities manage their health, and provide health as well as personal accident insurance coverage for our team if not covered under regulatory insurance requirements.

Health, Safety & Well-Being Rules

  • Assess all risks and controls, and take authorisation before starting any task
  • Strictly follow our HSE Guidelines, and always wear all required PPE
  • Always use all equipment, tools and machinery safely. Do not avoid, override or misuse safety devices
  • Do not work if you are sick or unwell, or under the influence of alcohol/ drugs
  • Report all incidents immediately to the Department Head

Health, Safety & Well-being Policy

  • Nothing we do is worth getting hurt for. Our goal is to conduct business with zero harm
  • Provide safe, healthy and secure working conditions for our people and contractors
  • Maintain a strong culture of health, safety and well-being to continuously improve our performance and actively minimise risk
  • Comply with all applicable legal, regulatory, industry and corporate requirements
  • Communicate openly with all stakeholders on any health, safety and well-being related issues
  • Empower all employees and contractors to stop any unsafe work

Managing Major Hazards

Managing major hazard risks and preventing serious incidents is critical to our business. We identify major hazard risks - which are low probability, high consequence events - and manage them through various controls, external reviews and compliance audits. Standards and procedures provide a consistent approach for implementation and audit. We remain committed to minimizing process safety risks across all our operations.

Eliminating Fatalities

We are committed to zero harm and zero fatalities at all our workplaces and operations. We continually improve our safety culture, and actively learn from global industry leaders. Our risk management process helps us understand short-term safety and long-term health impacts of our operations.

We ensure that all controls are implemented and working as designed. If they are not, we stop the activity until it is safe to continue. For example – for maintenance of our bucket elevators, we start by identifying all sources of energy and verifying that they have been shut off. If the critical controls are not in place, the activity does not start.

We continue to report near misses, specifically focusing on incidents with potential for a major consequence, serious injury or fatality, so we can investigate and learn from these to improve our controls for effectiveness.

Daily Tool Box Talk (“TBT”)


Caring for our employees extends beyond physical safety, and includes their health and well-being. We work hard to create a positive and supportive work environment for all our people, and promote a healthy, balanced lifestyle including work-life balance, good nutrition, regular exercise, yoga and access to healthcare. All this is further enabled through regular workshops, sessions and team events across the year.

Peer Support

We understand the importance of having informal relationships. We therefore encourage our people to develop friendships outside of work, and seek support from peers at all levels of our organisation in times of need. This is also facilitated through various team events hosted by the organisation

‘BE SAFE’ Cards - A Daily Reminder

We give our people, contractors and visitors a safety card with simple but powerful words – ‘BE SAFE. Your family is waiting for you.’ – in English as well as the local language. These can be easily placed in one’s wallet. It has our Health, Safety & Well-being rules on the backside. This card serves as a daily reminder to never compromise and get back home safely, as your family depends on you.

This is a small but impactful safety initiative by JAYCEE.

Ethics & Integrity

We put principles over profits, and always choose the right over convenient.

We do not compromise on ethics and integrity – which is key to building and sustaining trust with industry stakeholders and protecting our reputation.

High performance with high integrity is the key to sustainable success. Acting with integrity is about doing the right thing at all times, being completely transparent and telling the whole story, not just selective facts. We follow laws and regulations in word and spirit, and do not tolerate legally compliant, but morally wrong actions. When faced with moral or ethical dilemmas, we always ask ourselves not what is legal, but what is right, fair and honourable. We encourage people to escalate issues to the leadership, and have strong governance and accountability processes to ensure our business acts in line with laws, regulations and our values.

The JAYCEE Code of Conduct (“JCoC”) provides clear standards on how we should conduct our business, no matter where we work or where we are from. It helps us make the right choices.

JAYCEE Code of Conduct ( JCoC )

Integrity in the Workspace

Health, Safety & Well-being

We believe all incidents and work- related health risks are preventable. We commit to the goal of everyone going home safe and healthy every day.

Inclusion and Diversity

We commit to a fair and inclusive working environment, which respects diversity.

Data Privacy

We respect each person’s privacy and comply with all laws in the collection, use and protection of personal information related to our business.

Company Property

We use company property, assets and resources to conduct company business and not for personal gain or non-authorised use.

Integrity in Business

Bribery & Corruption

We commit to not engaging in bribery or corruption within our organisation.

Confidential Information

We protect our business and ourselves by responsibly managing our own and third parties’ confidential information. We never use it for personal advantage.

Transparent Communication

We build trust by being direct, truthful and transparent in our communication - with sincerity and authenticity.

Conflicts of Interest

We ensure our personal activities, interests and relationships do not conflict with our responsibilities at JAYCEE.

Fair Competition

We compete ethically and lawfully in all our activities.

Intellectual Property

We protect our intellectual property and respect that of others.

Government & Civil Society

We respect all governments and societies, and comply with all laws and regulations wherever we operate.

Integrity in the Community

Human Rights

We commit to upholding human rights, and treating each individual fairly irrespective of any factor.


We commit to conserving our environment for our future generations.


We commit to supporting and uplifting local communities and develop strong relationships based on respect, open conversation and shared benefit.

Doing the Right Thing

Our integrity, and reputation, depends on the actions and decisions our people make each day. We monitor and review each aspect of JCoC across our organisation dynamically, and address issues/ concerns quickly when they arise. All our people, suppliers and contractors sign an “Integrity Undertaking” as a commitment to doing the right thing

We are committed to a culture of transparency, and encourage our people, partners and contractors to speak up about their issues and concerns. We empower our people to seek guidance when faced with a business integrity dilemma, and also conduct sessions to create awareness and mitigate potential risks

When faced with a business integrity dilemma, we ask ourselves some questions:

  • Are my actions and decisions consistent with JAYCEE Code of Conduct?
  • What would I tell a friend or family member to do in such a situation?
  • What might others think of my actions?
  • How might it look if a newspaper published the story?

If any of our people break the law, JCoC or any of our policies and standards, we take strict disciplinary action which might include termination and legal consequences.

Knowing Our Suppliers

Our Supplier Code of Conduct succinctly outlines our expectations of our suppliers and contractors with respect to key issues, and sets the boundaries. It makes it clear that we may choose not to work with suppliers who do not meet our standards.

Our “Know Your Supplier” (KYS) procedure guides our supplier due diligence process, and helps identify and mitigate potential risks of engaging, renewing or extending a relationship with a supplier. All existing and new suppliers have to satisfy the KYS procedure before working with JAYCEE.

Knowing Our Customers

We have a standardised “Know Your Customer” (KYC) procedure to get detailed information of our customers and understand potential risks involved in doing business with them. We also look for ways to proactively speak with our customers about sustainability issues across our value chain.

Sustainable Development Goals

We believe in the goodness of business.

We measure our achievements not just by the success of our customers, but also the well-being of our planet and communities. As a promise to our future generations, we are actively contributing towards the following Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable cities & communities

We reduce embodied carbon emissions in the building and construction industry, lower pollution (air, land, water) and enable sustainable construction, thereby reducing the adverse per capita environmental impact of cities. Usage of low carbon construction materials also increases longevity of structures, significantly conserving resources over its life cycle.

Climate action

We help accelerate decarbonisation of our global economy, by reducing embodied carbon emissions in the building and construction industry. Advocacy and sales of low carbon construction materials worldwide enhances our capacity for climate change mitigation, adaptation and impact reduction. This in turn will diminish the frequency and severity of extreme events such as flooding, heat waves, storms, etc.

Responsible consumption and production

We enable environmentally sound management of industrial waste streams, and significantly curtail their release to air, water and soil - minimizing their adverse impact on human health and the environment. By substituting conventional materials and increasing longevity of structures, we help conserve natural resources and reduce irreversible environmental degradation. Reducing, recycling and reusing industrial waste enables greater resource efficiency and helps us transition towards a circular economy.

Industry innovation and infrastructure

We help promote inclusive and sustainable industrialisation, with increased resource-use efficiency and greater adoption of clean and environmentally sound technologies and industrial processes. Through innovation-driven research and development, we upgrade the industry, boost the economy, make supply chains more efficient and build capacity for a higher skilled and more educated workforce. By advocating and supplying low carbon construction materials, and providing technical support, we facilitate sustainable and resilient infrastructure development in developing nations such as Africa and small island states.

Decent work and economic growth

Jobs are the cornerstone of economic and social development. We create multiple direct and indirect jobs at all our operations, thus contributing towards reducing unemployment in our economy. We provide safe, comfortable and secure working conditions, while protecting human rights/ labour rights and promoting inclusiveness and equality across our organization. Our keen focus on health, safety and well-being ensures zero harm to people, while our training programs support capacity building and high levels of productivity.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Businesses cannot thrive where communities fail. Therefore, we take corporate social responsibility very seriously and dedicate time, effort and resources to various initiatives for uplifting of communities.

  • Job Creation in Local Communities - We consider job creation as one of the core elements of our contribution to local community development. We foster job creation through direct employment as well as working with and promoting local businesses.
  • Education for the Underprivileged - Enabling communities get access to education is a cause we pursue dedicatedly. From supporting local schools for underprivileged and special needs children, running marathons to support education NGOs to dedicating time for teaching and counselling in schools, we play our part in building a brighter future for communities through education.
  • Contribution to NGOs - We support various community NGOs through donations and our people hold senior committee positions in reputed NGOs, further dedicating time and resources towards uplifting of the community.

Green Workplace

We have adopted the ‘green workplace’ model to enhance our eco-efficiency through various thoughtful initiatives like installing energy-saving lights, digitizing and reducing paper-usage, encouraging environmentally-efficient transportation such as car pools, public transport, etc., using bio-degradable materials/ products, minimizing and recycling waste.


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